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Ms. Kathy Pape Esquire

PSTAPís Legislative Consultant, Ms. Kathy Pape, Esq. of the firm McNees Wallace & Nurick addressed the Board. She will act as a liaison and lobbyist for the State Societyís concerns with tax legislation. Kathyís expertise is Public Finance, Financial Services, Public Sector, and† Government Relations Groups. She provides

counsel to state and municipal governments, as well as businesses in public finance, government funding, utility regulation, and partnership structures among state and local governments and business. Ms. Pape said; ďI intend to make PSTAP a household word among the legislatures at the Capitol.Ē The Board is very excited to have Ms. Pape assisting us and acting as a watchdog for our accounting profession.

Ms. Chandra Lalvani

The Board also welcomed Ms. Chandra Lalvani, CPA, Chairperson, PA State Board of Accountancy. The State Board of Accountancy regulates the practice of public accountants and certified public accountants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Unless you incurred a felony type crime, probably there will be very little scrutiny in auditing your accounting license, she said.

Jennifer Gardella, PSTAPís new Social Media Consultant also address the Board of Directors. Ms. Gardella states she has implemented PSTAP keyword search on the internet that includes tracking Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, PSTAPís website now features a Blog that can be accessed at www.pstap.org† under the About† tab that highlights various accounting industry articles and advice.

Jennifer Gardella

On December 8, 2018, the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals held a meeting at the Radisson Hotel, Harrisburg, PA. Buxmont Chapter was represented by Chapter President Michael Davis and Vice Presidents Mark Zinman and Tami Polichetti. Also representing Buxmont were State Vice President Clare Shaw, and Past State Presidents Richard Brasch and Lamont Anderson.