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Dear Members,


We have much to look forward to.† Congress is in the process of making major tax law changes.† What is coming down the pike is virtually unknown even though we have heard bits and pieces, the actual outcome will be interesting and challenging.


The PSTAP is working diligently trying to reason with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and their approaches to auditing our clients and making our jobs more difficult, trying and time consuming.


I look forward to seeing you at our tax seminars.† If you know of any tax practitioners who are not members, invite them to our seminar so that we can try to convince them to join our membership.† There is strength in numbers and that is what we need to exercise any influence with the taxing authorities.† Keep in mind the AICPA and PICPA are not looking out for non-CPAís or small practitioners like us or our interest.


We are looking for future leaders of our organization with new ideas and suggestions.† Please contact me and convey of your thoughts and feelings.† Remember, this is your organization.† Your input is important to us.


†The listserv has many stories of what we consider improprieties or unfair requests by the state caused by the passing an unbalanced budget. There may be a method in their madness to closing the shortfall.


I wish all the members safe travelling for the holidays, a good thanksgiving with family and friends, and a happy Hanukah, Christmas and New Yearís.


Warmest regards,


Dennis I Markowitz PA EA

PSTAP Buxmont Chapter President


(267) 567-7501

20 Erford Rd, Suite 200A
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: (800) 270-3352
Fax: (717) 737-6847

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