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I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.  As president, I would like to attract young members to assist in building the chapter for the future.  In addition, I am trying to show students (high school and college) what the organization represents and how it can assist them in their future endeavors. 

 I have, with other members, participated in the Trumark Credit Union Financial Literacy Program, which provides a unique opportunity for each student to experience some of the financial challenges they will face when they start life on their own. This exercise gives students a glimpse of what their parents do on a monthly basis when they pay their bills. For many students, it was a real eye-opener.  We helped students make informed decisions, and the hope is the lessons they learned today will provide them with the knowledge they will need to make financial decisions in the future.  The next Reality Fair will be December 4, 2018, at Hatboro-Horsham High School.

 In addition, I am on the George Washington High School Occupational Advisory Committees.  They have an accounting program that will earn the students up to 10 college credits at certain universities, and it provides them with valuable technical and workforce driven skills that are preparing them for college and employment in industry.  Members of our chapter have retained students involved in the program to assist in tax season.  This year students are going through the IRS program so that they will be able to prepare returns this year at the school.

 Finally, our chapter local tax conference will be held at Delaware Valley University in January, since Spring Mill will be closed for the month.  This will enable us to invite accounting students to see what our organization is about and mingle with our members who may be future employers.

 Any member who would like to help with any of these programs to help build a foundation for the future of the chapter feel free to call me anytime.

 Michael J. Davis, CPA


20 Erford Rd, Suite 200A
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: (800) 270-3352
Fax: (717) 737-6847

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