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The Buxmont Chapter is the PSTAP’s largest chapter, representing Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents and tax practitioners in the Bucks and Montgomery Counties of Southeastern PA.   If you are a small practitioner in search of an organization interested in your needs, you’ll want to consider the Pennsylvania Society of Tax & Accounting Professionals. 

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Text Box: The Buxmont Chapter is PSTAP’s largest chapter representing CPA’s, PA’s, EA’s and Tax Practitioners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

The Buxmont Chapter sponsors monthly meetings that provide an excellent opportunity to fulfill the yearly Continuing Professional Education requirements as well as enable you to network with individuals who share similar professional interests.  These meetings combine a relaxed dinner hour with an informative 2 or 4 hour CPE program geared to the practices of sole practitioners and smaller accounting firms.  

In addition to the monthly meeting program, the Buxmont Chapter in conjunction with Gear Up and Jennings Seminars sponsors several major seminar programs in Accounting, Business Entities and 1040 Tax.  These educational programs are tailored to the small accounting firm, and provide high quality CPE at a reasonable cost. 

As an accounting professional, you are well aware of the demands placed upon you in terms of time and cost to maintain your professional status.  Selecting the seminar that meets your needs is critical to your success.  Members receive substantial discounts on quality CPE, and the best part is that the seminar topics are tailored to the practices of sole practitioners and smaller accounting firms.  PSTAP understands the professional and educational needs of local practitioners because that’s who our members are.  The savings realized by members in the form of seminar discounts more than pays for their membership dues each year.

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