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Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: (800) 270-3352
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Text Box: Past Presidents of  the             Buxmont Chapter

1971-73 Charles Rhyne*

1973-75 Henry S. Burke*

1975-76 David Saltzman*

1976-77 Willy Seman*

1977-79 Robert T. Zaleski*

1979-81 Arthur Davis*

1981-83 William Stahl*

1983-85 Howard Matter*

1985-88 Michael Lerner*

1988-90 Mary Reinoehl

1990-91 Frederick S. Patti*

1991-93 Charles Dawicki*

1993-94 Willy Seman*

1994-95 Joseph Frezza*

1994-97 Gunther Blob

1997-99 Jeffrey Cohen

1999-01 Richard Brasch Jr

2001-02 John Komarnicki

2002-04 Irving Braunstein

2004-06 Michael H. Agin

2006-08 Lamont Anderson

2008-10 Frank Corso

2010-12 Barbara Thomas

2012-14 Clare Shaw

2014-16 Melvin Cherry

2016-18 Dennis Markowitz



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What is the PSTAP Email Discussion List?
The PSTAP Email Discussion list is where members are given the opportunity to ask questions or share information. Once you join the Discussion List, you may send an email to the Listís specified address and your message will automatically be forwarded to other PSTAP members who have joined the Discussion List. The members of the Email Discussion List can then respond to just the sender, the entire list or choose not to respond at all. It is a great way to get advice from several people at one time or to share information with a large group that could benefit from the information.


This is a great opportunity to collaborate with your peers instantly.  To subscribe, send an email to: pstap-on@mail-list.com.


Once you join the Email Discussion List, simply send an email to pstap@mail-list.com and your message will automatically be forwarded to everyone who has joined the List. If you need help or are having trouble posting a message, please contact the Executive Office at 1-800-270-3352.